Man has people in hysterics with shrieks from intense massage at Turkish bath

A man has left people in hysterics after sharing his Turkish bath experience.

Lifestyle vlogger FarukAcar, from Turkey, and his friends booked themselves into a local bathhouse, known as a Hammam, which consists of three rooms – a hot room to steam, a warm room to scrub and a cool room to relax.

The group took a dip in the pool and spent some time in the steam sauna, before getting a traditional massage – the best way to soothe muscle fatigue, reports Daily Star.

“I was really tired this week and all I need now is to rest and a Turkish bath is really good for this,” the 21-year-old explained in his YouTube video.

In the clip, which has since been viewed almost 250,000 times, Faruk and his pals can be seen lying on a tile-covered bed while the masseurs exfoliate the skin on their body.

The expert starts by roughly scrubbing Faruk’s back, underarm and legs, to remove all the dead skin, before he drops a bag of soap suds on top of his belly and rubs it all over.

But when he slaps him on the thigh, Faruk let out a shriek.

The masseuse then holds his head to the side, then the other, to alleviate neck pain.

He then flips over onto his front where the expert continues to slap his upper back.

In the background, his friend can all be heard yelling as they experience the same treatment.

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 3,300 likes and hundreds of comments who say the video ‘made their day.’


Another person wrote: “The spinning and slapping scene… omg it makes my day.”

“It’s like a carwash place but for people…” said a third.